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Humanitarian Aid

Clarification of the most important practical aspects of providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine from Norwegian territory

Providing humanitarian aid is one of the priority areas to support Ukraine in its heroic defense against Russian aggression. As of 29 July 2022, with the assistance of the Ukrainian Embassy in Oslo and a group of dedicated volunteers, almost 215 large humanitarian cargoes have already been formed and sent to Ukraine.

Given the frequent requests for advice on these questions, here are some answers to the most common questions about helping Ukraine from citizens and organizations in Norway.

Financial support

Please support Ukraine by joining the initiative of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy UNITED24 as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine to cover the most pressing needs You can make a donation in one click from any country in the world. Join United24! Tell your friends about the initiative.

Citizens and organizations wishing to provide financial support to Ukraine can transfer the relevant funds to the Embassy's account in DNB Bank:

  • Payee: Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Norway
  • Bank: DNB
  • Account number in Norwegian kroner: 15067684297
  • Account number for international payments: NO21 1506 7684 297
  • Purpose of payment (message): support for Ukraine

All funds received on this account will be subject to strict reporting, and residents and organizations that transfer financial contributions will be able to obtain documentation of its use upon request.

Collection and delivery of humanitarian aid in Oslo

When it comes to practical humanitarian aid, the most urgent needs today are medical equipment, medicines, personal protective equipment, and food with long shelf life. The complete list of updated needs can be found at this link.

Please consider the importance of strict adherence to the procedures for the collection and delivery of humanitarian aid to ensure the most efficient delivery to the destination. Citizens and organizations ready to provide humanitarian aid are encouraged to follow this procedure:

  1. Collect for the cargo according to the list of needs on this link.
  2. Sort the cargo into separate containers (made of cardboard, plastic or plywood) according to the main categories (medicine, clothing, food, etc.);
  3. Fill out the form in this link.

    You can use electronic form for the custom declaration - here - to simplify and hasten customs clearance.
  4. Send the form with contact details to the e-mail addresses: and
  5. Call +47 9256 5025 to make an appointment for the delivery of the collected goods to the warehouse in Oslo at the address: Kongshavnveien 30, 0193 Oslo

Citizens and organizations that are ready to deliver humanitarian goods to Ukraine from Norway with their own vehicles, or who do not have the opportunity to deliver humanitarian goods to a warehouse in Oslo, are invited to send a short message to with its contact details for specific clarifications.

Medical assistance

If you are a doctor or nurse and want to help Ukrainian hospitals and assist victims of the war, please fill out the form in the following link.


If you wish to help the organization with registration, delivery of humanitarian aid, transportation, translation and activities that contribute to increased understanding among Ukrainian citizens in Norway, or other activities, please register in the following link.

Company support

If your company wants to support Ukraine, please fill out the form in this link. Please specify what and how your company can help Ukraine, as well as whether there are any details, conditions or restrictions that the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway must be aware of.

For more information about humanitarian aid see the Questions & Answers listed below.

State hotline

Ukraine has launched a state hotline for those wishing to provide humanitarian assistance to the population or support the Ukrainian military and territorial defence fighters.

For calls from Ukraine:

0 800 202 600.

For calls from other countries (can also be used for calls from Ukraine):

+380 44 237 00 02

Other help to Ukrainian refugees in Norway

If you want to help refugees, you can check what the established, voluntary organisations write on their websites about what kind of help they organise and whether they need help from private individuals

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Questions and answers

What supplies are needed?

- Batteries
- Flashlights
- Power banks
- Binoculars
- Paracetamol/painkillers
- First aid kits
- Blankets
- Sleeping bags
- Helmets
- Towels
- Toothbrush/toothpaste
- Toilet paper
- Warm clothes
- Gloves

I have a home I want to offer asylum seekers. How do I proceed?

As far as possible, the Norwegian authorities will use their established framework agreements on center operations and emergency accommodations to meet the need for reception centres. If necessary, they will announce new contracts.  

We recommend that you contact the operators. They usually have a high interest in vacant buildings to deliver offers for operation. You will find a list of these operators on this website (information only available in Norwegian). 

Alternatively, we would encourage you to contact your municipality to see if the municipality may need rental properties for persons who have been granted a temporary residence permit and who will be settled with public assistance in the municipality in question. 

(Only in Norwegian) You can register to become a foster home for Ukrainian children (External website).

I want to contribute as a Ukrainian interpreter. How do I proceed?

The UDI only uses qualified interpreters registered in the National Interpreter Register (external website) to register refugees from Ukraine. You can find information about how you can qualify as a public interpreter on IMDI's website. (external website) 

If you want to qualify, you must, as a minimum, conduct a bilingual test at OsloMet. In addition to speaking fluent Ukrainian, you must at least have a level B2 or Bergen test in Norwegian. You will find information about the bilingual test at OsloMet. (external website) 

If you want to study interpreting, OsloMet offers a bachelor's program in interpretation in the public sector (external website).  

If you do not qualify as an interpreter but still wish to contribute with your language skills, you can assist Ukrainians with everyday tasks as a language assistant . You can also contribute as a Norwegian coach. If you are interested in contributing in this way, you can contact your municipality. You can also check if local organisations need language help. 

I want to help Ukrainian refugees come to Norway. Can I bring Ukrainian citizens from Poland and other countries to Norway?

Even if you have good intentions, transporting people who do not have a complete set of documents to enter the country legally can be considered human trafficking. This is a crime punishable by law. If you want to help Ukrainian refugees, contact the organisations that help and ask how you can help.

Norway offers Ukrainians arriving in Norway temporary collective protection.

I want to send funds

Donate to Ukraine’s defenders -

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